Bespoke Coffins

Funerals are more and more becoming considered to be celebrations of life rather than sombre events, and this has caused an increase in the popularity of personalised coffins and caskets. By choosing a bespoke coffin or casket, it’s possible to create a unique and meaningful tribute that captures the essence of the individual and the way they lived their life.

If you’re interested in giving a loved one’s funeral a theme based on their hobby or personal interest, you can take it a step further by choosing a custom-made coffin that reflects the theme in its design and decoration. Bowley & Gallagher are able to offer bespoke coffins, designed and crafted to be a personal tribute to your loved one.

Personalised Coffins In Brighton, Hove & The Surrounding Areas

One of our suppliers, Colourful Coffins, offers custom coffins which are traditional in shape but covered with a personalised image  – whether that’s fond memories of them or a specific place or thing they loved. Alternatively, our craftsmen partners at Vic Fearn Ltd – coffin makers since the 1860s – are able to effectively build custom coffins in any shape. From boats to guitars, a bespoke coffin can be a unique way to reflect a hobby, passion or profession of your loved one.

The experienced and compassionate team at Bowley & Gallagher can help you organise a meaningful funeral for your loved one – covering all factors from the coffin to the service content. Simply get in touch to discuss how we can help – we are based in Preston Park but offer home visits for clients throughout Brighton and Hove including Patcham.

Colourful Coffins