Solid Wood Coffins in Brighton

Handcrafted, classic solid wood coffins offer the utmost in quality whilst granting a truly premium aesthetic. Custom-made by experienced craftsmen according to your wishes, our wooden coffins are second-to-none and ensure your loved one is lain to rest in the best possible way. Solid wood coffins provide a traditional look and, with a choice of wood, finish, paneling and adornments, there are many options for personalisation.

Dignified and timeless options amongst our range are the Leeds – a solid mahogany coffin – and the Windsor – a solid oak coffin. Both can be tailored with a variety of options such as engraved nameplates, double mouldings, brass handles and end ring, wreath holders and high quality linings.

Should you want more information about any of our coffins or funeral services, simply get in touch with the dedicated team at Bowley & Gallagher. We provide sensitive and respectful funeral services for those throughout Brighton and Hove.