Themed Funeral Services

For a service which is as unique as your loved one, our themed funerals offer a multitude of options for personalisation. These days, funerals don’t always have to follow the same strict format and, indeed, many are opting for a themed funeral service which reflects the personality and passions of the deceased. The dedicated and compassionate team at Bowley & Gallagher have decades of experience helping to organise fitting funerals, so we’re ideally suited to plan a special ceremony.

Personalised Themed Funerals In Brighton, Hove & The Surrounding Areas

If you would like to create a themed funeral, we can help you by offering expert advice and guidance. We will handle all the practicalities and liaising needed to organise a funeral, as well as providing support in arranging the theme. Hobbies, interests, professions and heritage are all aspects which you may want to incorporate. Bespoke coffins with personal images can be created – you could ask attendees to follow a specific dress code, and hold a special themed event post-funeral, too. Just a few ideas for theming a ceremony include:

  • Creating and displaying photo boards of the deceased engaged in their hobbies
  • Having a themed convoy of vehicles in the funeral procession – for example, police cars for a policeman or classic cars for the car enthusiast
  • Themed music – for example, a school choir for a teacher or bagpipes for someone of Scottish heritage

Should you wish to discuss funeral plans with an expert, please get in touch with our team at Bowley & Gallagher who are always happy to help. Offering appointments at our office in Preston Park, we also offer home visits to clients in and around Brighton, Hove & the surrounding areas including Patcham.