Eco-Friendly Coffins in Brighton & Hove

More and more of us are becoming aware of our environmental impact and looking for ways to be increasingly eco-friendly. If your loved one was such an individual, you may want to consider choosing one of our eco-friendly coffins. Our range of eco coffins from Somerset Willow are made from sustainable, easily renewable materials such as bamboo. All our options – including bamboo, willow and wicker coffins – are handcrafted to an excellent standard. These natural, biodegradable coffins will ensure your loved one is making a positive impact environmentally, even after they’ve died.

Bowley & Gallagher’s team of attentive and supportive funeral directors can provide you with expert advice and guidance regarding any aspect of the funeral arrangements. Should you want more information about our range of coffins, or if you have enquiries regarding the organisation of a funeral, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are well-placed to assist those throughout Brighton and Hove.