Non Religious Funeral Services

Bowley & Gallagher is a family-run funeral home with decades of experience. We aim to create the most fitting tribute possible for your loved one and therefore offer an array of funeral choices, including non-religious, atheist, celebratory memorials and humanist funerals, as well as services with some religious or spiritual elements.

Society has started to become more secular over the years and around half of the UK’s population describe themselves as having no religion. It is sometimes thought that there is a legal requirement for funerals to have a religious service, but this is not the case – we offer a range of funeral choices if you feel that a non-religious funeral would be most suitable for your loved one.

Humanist Funerals & Non-Religious Services In Brighton, Hove & The Surrounding Areas

We work with a team of professionally trained celebrants all of whom will take the time to visit you at home or arrange an appointment at our premises to discuss the specifics of a truly individual funeral service. It is absolutely possible to incorporate some of the more traditional prayers or readings into a celebrant-led funeral, as well as time for spiritual reflection – you can choose secular music that can be played live or electronically, and poems or readings which hold personal significance for you or your loved one.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss non-religious funeral arrangements. We readily serve clients at our office in Preston Park, but also offer home visits  throughout the local Brighton & Hove areas including Patcham